July 31st, 2010


wow. cool.

The “Year of Miracles” commission is unexpectedly (to me, anyway) close to 175 donors, standing currently at 163, which is easily ten more than I thought might be achieved.There are 23 hours left. Will it make 175? Stay tuned to find out!

Now I’m off to make about nine dozen cookies for dessert tomorrow. :)

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Housewarming Party

The housewarming party has already proven a success, as it has done precisely what it was intended to: caused us to get the rest of the house unpacked and sorted. My office is the only thing left that’s still really a disaster, and maybe I’ll be able to get it taken care of in the morning.

Tomorrow’s menu is as follows:
- hamburgers (we even have a few veggie burgers, for the vegetablearians)
- hot dogs
- macaroni salad
- marinated vegetable salad
- baked beans
- cookies (chocolate chip, chocolate death, and oatmeal raisin)
- lemonade

It remains a BYOB–your own bottle or your own barbeque choice. We really don’t have much besides lemonade and water to drink, so you’re forewarned (and that’s half an octopus).

And the commission currently stands at 174 patrons. The next subscriber gets a copy of TRUTHSEEKER and a Sekrit Mystery Prize. :)

eta: and there we go. There are 13 hours left! Will there be two subscribers an hour for the next 13 hours? Will we reach 200 patrons for “Year of Miracles“, and will someone get an Irish Care Package inclusive of books and other stuff from me? (Will I see a whole slew of donations at 1 minute to midnight Pacific, as people try to be #200? Don’t forget I’ll also be drawing 3 names from the donations hat as random winners of a copy of TRUTHSEEKER!)

(x-posted from the essential kit)