July 27th, 2010



It has been an unpleasantly early morning here at the Murphy Lee household. Like, although Ted had left for work only twenty minutes earlier, ten minutes ago I thought, “Christ, it must be nearly ten by now,” and was horrified when I looked at the clock and it was a quarter to eight. I doubt my functionality for the day.

I have to get masonry paint, a paint roller and pan, and brush, so I can paint the wall outside, but I’m not quite sure how to manage that with Young Indiana. I could take the Big Stroller and walk into town with him. It has enough carrying space to manage those things. The idea of walking into town, however, is a little (or possibly a lottle) daunting, so I’m sort of dubious about that in practice. But it *must* be done, and done soon, because once stuff gets arranged back there, which it needs to have done by the weekend for the housewarming party, there’s no chance it’s going to get moved again for painting. So.

Today’s theoretical thinks to do:
- continue scraping & scrubbing the controversially-referred-to-as “garden” and now agreed by all parties to be referred to as “courtyard” or “lanai“, an evidently useful Hawai’ian word which is a catch-all for outdoors spaces floor
- finish ch 3 of RAVEN CALLS
- pilates
- go to the Democrats Abroad meeting

Today’s actually critical thinks to do:
- clean the kitty litter
- get the laundry off the kitchen table
- nap, though I could keep right on sleeping

(I know these thinks to do posts are dull as dishwater, but they’re incredibly helpful for me, so there you go.)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 357

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“Take A Chance” on eBay

The five issue run of “Take A Chance” is being auctioned off on eBay by somebody or other, in case someone would like to have a copy.

Yesterday, unrelated to this auction since I didn’t know about it, and therefore randomly, because I was feeling gloomy about the prospect of ever, ever, ever finishing the series (I’m pretty gloomy about ever getting a graphic novel out, for that matter. Or getting paid by the Dabels. Anyway.) I had the vague thought of continuing it online as a crowdfunded novel. In my copious free time, obviously, but I wonder if it’d sell. *eyes kickstarter, vaguely*

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