July 8th, 2010


BBQ & Housewarming Party!

We’re celebrating moving to Dublin with a barbecue housewarming party! It will be on August 1 from 1-6pm, and everyone is invited (that gives you Americans time to get plane tickets, right? :)).

It’s BYOB, where that second B could be ‘bottle’ or ‘barbecue’, if there’s something you want besides the hamburgers & hot dogs (& probably potato salad) that we’ll be providing. :)

If you’re attending, or think you can, please respond either in comments or email so I can give you the address!

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There’s a tap dance company in Dublin!!!!! Wow, that makes me SO HAPPY! I know where I’ll be Monday evenings this fall! …assuming I can find a sitter for Young Indiana, anyway. O.O

So! Much! To do! Here! So many FREE things to do! Dublin is good! I feel like I need to rush out and soak it all up. Like it’ll disappear if I don’t, or something. :) We’re going to go see some of the photography exhibition this weekend, and maybe to the docklands market, though that’s weekly so not missable, per se.

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