April 22nd, 2010


remaining thinks to do

I had an absolutely lovely, quiet day off yesterday, and am feeling roughly 23425098707 million times more relaxed than I was, say, 48 hours ago. I could use a full body massage, possibly one daily for a month or so, but that’s pretty typical for me. I’m so much more relaxed, though, that it would probably do some /good/, which I’m not sure it would’ve done previously. :)

Ted and I went to see “Whip It”, which we both enjoyed a lot more than we expected to, so that was cool. It was also really about the only thing I did yesterday. *happy sigh*

And now, looking forward, these are the remaining work-based thinks to do in 2010:

- clean up the SPIRIT DANCES draft & deliver it
- write the proposal for Walker Papers 7-9
- write the proposal for the next 2-3 Inheritors’ Cycle novels
- write 4-6 short stories
- revise SPIRIT DANCES according to editorial revision letter
- revise WAYFINDER according to editorial revision letter

All of that, in the time-crunch mode which has been my life for the past several years, is about 4-6 weeks’ worth of work. And I have 8 months to do it in.

I am so relieved I could cry.

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