February 27th, 2010


last chance salon

February is rapidly coming to an end, and with it approaches the end of the Old Races novella “Hot Time”’s availability. Somewhere around 5pm Eastern time on Sunday the 28th I’ll be taking it down, and it will not be seen again until I sell it to a traditional publisher. That’s likely to mean it won’t be available again for years, rather than months, so get it while you can!

And if you’ve read it–or just adore me on general principles–you can go to the Crowdfunded Creativity site and vote for “Hot Time” as the best crowdfunded fiction of 2009… :)

And heck, if you want to, you can link back to this post (or more ideally this one, since that’s the one with the teaser & Paypal button) to let people know this is their last chance for the novella! :)

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