February 15th, 2010



I read this web comic, Questionable Content, which has been going on since 2003 and which is mostly fairly entertaining in a college soap opera kind of way. Anyway, apparently the first book is coming out soon, and the artist has re-drawn at least some of the original pages. Today he posted one of the re-draws because he ran out of time to do a new strip. Here’s the original. Here’s the re-draw.

It gives me hope that if I ever actually applied myself to drawing daily, I could actually get good at it. :)

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my bwaaaaiiiin….

I wrote the end of the book today. Sadly, I didn’t write all the bits leading up to the end of the book, but another 4500 word day tomorrow like today was and I ought to be pretty much done. Then Wednesday is full of errands and I can do revisions Thursday and Friday and turn it in.

Then I get to take the weekend off and start all over again on Monday with SPIRIT DANCES. *headdesk*

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 123.9
ytd wordcount: 71,300
ytd km swum: 23

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