February 12th, 2010


gone mad, back later

I am for some reason at this very moment feeling as though my life has gone slightly completely fucking mad. It has not. There is absolutely nothing more on my plate now than there was ten minutes ago. I have reached the interminable stage of the book where I have five chapters left and will have five chapters left until I am suddenly done, but that’s not by any realistic terms overwhelming, it’s just what the end of a book looks like to me. I’m more or less over my cold, so I can’t blame the sudden feeling of AGGHGLHGH on stuffiness. I swam today for the first time all week, so it’s not that I’m jonesing for an endorphin rush. My brain has just all of a sudden and for no reason gone BLEEEEE!

*stares at it*

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5 (?) things make a post

1. Ardian Syaf will be lead artist on DC’s upcoming GREEN LANTERN CORPS title. Key phrase: Source “Artist to Watch” Ardian Syaf … has put together a remarkable resume [in less than a year] including BLACKEST NIGHT: BATMAN, PHANTOM STRANGER and an arc on SUPERMAN/BATMAN. Not too shabby, eh? *beams like a fool* Go Ardian.

2. Last night, watching Leverage, the following conversation ensued:

Kit: Wow, Christian Kane is really cute with glasses.
Ted: Yeah, but he’s not your type.
Kit: He’s not?
Ted: Of course not. He’s built like me.

My husband knows me so well. *laughs* :)

3. Sharon Lee talks about the myth of the wealthy writer.

4. Pursuant to yesterday’s post, there are still two sets of FIREBIRD DECEPTION and PHOENIX LAW (and rather a lot more copies of PHOENIX, if people just want it) up for sale if anybody wants ‘em.

5. I guess thing #5 is metrics, ’cause I can’t think of anything else right now. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 122.2
ytd wordcount: 64,500
ytd km swum: 22.5

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