February 11th, 2010


too early

It’s too early for most word warriors, or too late, depending on what time zone you’re in, but I’m desperate. The sleepies and the don’t-cares have me in their grip. So I will be warring with myself on the blog this morning/today, in an attempt to keep myself awake and honest.

Starting NOW.

war #1: 630 words
war #2: 608 words

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novellas, books

Wouldn’t an Old Races novella be a nice Valentine’s Day present for the CE Murphy fan in your life? :)

I, er. *stares at Amazon & at my publishers* Um. Well.

I was going to say “Look, so I’ve got about ten copies of THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION and about twenty-five copies of THE PHOENIX LAW, and I’d really kind of like to move them out of my closet and into somebody’s bookshelf. If you’re interested, I’ll sell ‘em for $5 each, plus S&H (which would be $7 for 1 or $13 for both) and I will of course sign them, let me know in comments or email me.”

Only, because those are the second and third books in the Strongbox Chronicles, and because I don’t have enough copies of THE CARDINAL RULE left to sell any, I went to Amazon so I could get a URL to point people at used copies, and instead found this:

Kindle editions of THE CARDINAL RULE, THE FIREBIRD DECEPTION, and THE PHOENIX LAW, all available as of Monday, February 15th.

Possibly this makes the physical book offer somewhat moot. However, look: they’re cheap on the Kindle and they’re really fun, fast reads, and I practically guarantee you’ll like them. Those are the only books I’ve written which have come nowhere *near* earning back their advances, and it drives me batshit because they’re good fun books, so, I don’t know, how does one launch a massive Kindle e-book campaign to get people to go buy those? :)

ETA: They’re available as of Monday through Barnes & Noble.com, too! Buh!

ETA #2: Down to the last 2 sets of both FIREBIRD and PHOENIX. There are still about, oh, 15 copies of PHOENIX if you want to hunt down books 1 & 2 on your own… :)</b>

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