February 7th, 2010



I have a cold in my nose. I don’t feel too bad otherwise, except I am very, very tired. I do not have time to be very very tired. What I have is Just Barely enough time to finish this damned book before it’s due, and tiredness is entirely anathema to that.

I will write one thousand words today. That’s only 500 more. It’s not enough, but it is at least something. Then perhaps I will go nap for an hour or two, and by so doing utterly defeat the cold in my nose and be able to spring up and write 6000 words a day all week long. Yes. That is my plan.

*glares tiredly at the word processing document* 500 words more, I tell you. 500 words more.

eta: I have, pretty much despite myself, managed to finish a whole chapter. Go me. :p

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 110
ytd wordcount: 49,900 (how annoying)

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