January 30th, 2010


mighty metrics

Ted and I got a pretty early start today, so we had a wander around the University Cork campus, which is lovely, before we went our separate ways, himself to game and myself to write. I even took the scenic route into the city centre and walked through the Saturday market, and was still sitting down to write by about 11am.

Somewhere in my head I thought it was Friday, so I was kind of surprised at all the people coming through the cafe, but I stayed put for the writing of a full chapter, then switched cafes and wrote most of another before I felt it was time to move on. My plan had kind of been to find a third cafe or restaurant and plunk down, have dinner, and maybe write until my laptop battery gave out (or at least finish my chapter), but it turned out that 4pm on a Saturday was not a good time to find an empty table at a cafe to take over for several hours. I ended up walking all over Cork trying to find somewhere I wanted to eat, which meant by the end of the day I’d walked about seven miles. I ended up having a very underwhelming steak sandwich and heading back to the B&B, where I did, in fact, finish the chapter, for a 6K word day that made me kinda feel like I had my mojo back. It’d be nice if my mojo stayed for the next three months. It can have the rest of the year off after that. :)

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 92
ytd wordcount: 35,300

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oh, hrm

I just realized Monday is the first of February, and therefore the day the second chance to buy “Hot Time” is supposed to launch. I don’t know how to make a Paypal button that hooks up to an instant download. Does one have to be a merchant type on Paypal to do that? (Because if one does, I’m going to have to just set it up as a donate button and manually email everybody who buys a copy of the story their copy, because paying for the merchant services seems like a bit of a foolish prospect until I have some sense of how well sales might go, y’know?)

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