January 21st, 2010


things is good.

Ted’s birthday was very nice yesterday. Kind of a quiet day all around, but we had a v. lovely dinner and he got a couple things he wanted (or one he wanted, anyway, and one he didn’t think about but which was good), and next weekend we’re going down to Cork for their annual gaming convention, so that’s the other part of his birthday and it shall be Good. We’re both looking forward to visiting Cork very much, though he’ll be at the con all weekend and I’ll be writing most of it, making up for time spent this week doing copyedits.

Which are going well. Got a hundred pages done today, out of…450 or something, I think. Which is fairly awesome, as I didn’t start until about 1:30. So tomorrow should be highly productive, with its anticipated earlier start.

But! The morning was well-spent too, as I submitted the bursary grant award application and then went to the post office to mail the supplemental material which couldn’t be submitted online. So that’s taken care of, and my fingers are crossed for success.

Eheh. Mom and Dad brought the DEMON HUNTS manuscript back last night, having whitewashed it proof-read it for me. Dad said at one point he actually said, “Oh no!” out loud, which delighted me, ’cause if you get a reader talking back to the book, then you’re on to something, I think. :) I will probably auction off the manuscript at P-Con again this year, since that seemed to work last year. :)

I keep thinking I have more to say, but my tired little brain isn’t pulling those things up. Basically, though, life is pretty good, and I want to acknowledge that, because it’s so easy to whine about things and not notice when you’re happy. Right now I’m happy. My work is going well, my husband is wonderful, I have friends doing amazing and cool things, and life right now is pretty darned good.

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 57.4
ytd km swum: 14.8

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