January 20th, 2010



It is Ted’s birthday. In celebration, I’m, er, well, working, mostly. But in-the-kitchen-work, ie, copy edits at the table, while I bake him a birthday cake. This makes me very happy. :)

Lucy-cat has, in the past week, developed a whole new habit. She abruptly decided that my cereal milk bowl was The Best Thing Ever, which would be more understandable if I’d, say, given her a milk bowl within the past six months. But no, and she never was the one who came begging for the milk bowl in the past; it was always Zilli, and Lucy would come running as a tag-along, afraid she’d miss out on something. Now, however, she has taken up sitting at my feet making the Biggest Kitty Eyes, and occasionally standing up on her back legs to make sure I see her, and once in a while giving the Silent Meow Of Desperation. She is doing this almost to the exclusion of eating breakfast, because she doesn’t want to miss the milk bowl.

The whole thing is made funnier by the fact that she has also apparently decided that *anything* that I’m eating from a bowl will have milk for her, and she keeps being *extremely* disappointed by my oatmeal (she doesn’t like the oatmeal milk) and by the soup I’ve been having for lunch. :)

thinks to do today:
- birthday cake!
- synopsis
- copy edits

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 54.4
ytd km swum: 13.6

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