January 7th, 2010


motivation, i has lost it

Apparently the difference between coming straight home after going to the gym and running errands before coming home is a huge whacking loss of motivation for getting my ass into the chair and writing. Actually, my ass is in the chair, it’s just that I’m not writing. I’m pretty sure it’s not that the book’s screwed up (other than being fairly certain I need to cut 10K from the 42K I have written), and is just plain ol’ don-wanna. So I’m procrastinating in a variety of ways, many of which involve staring at a 2010 calendar and being disappointed that there continue to be merely four months between now and May. One more would be a nice buffer. And of course every minute I’m not writing is another tick off the ol’ clock, upon which there is already not quite enough time. Writers, they amn’t too smart sometimes.

I need to write two blog posts today. I mean, other than this whingy one.

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Blog posts done. A lousy 2K written, which means without working on Saturday there’s no chance of hitting 50K this week. But at least I got 2K, which is largely thanks to Kate and to Laura Anne, who logged in to look stern at me. 4 chapters copyedited, so I’m picking up a little speed there.

That is all.

The Road Home: miles to Isengard: 29.5
ytd km swum: 4
ytd wordcount: 14,900

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