December 31st, 2009


The Noughties

Ten years ago tonight we were trying to figure out what the hell to do for The Big Night, and ended up going down to Anchorage city centre to watch the fireworks and listen to the Native drummers bang in the new millennium. Actually, that was a fairly cool way to start it, and it’s one of the few times in my life I haven’t more or less been reading a book, looked up at seven after midnight, and said, “Oh, hey, Happy New Year,” and gone to bed.

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Happy New Year, and Decade, to all!

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Blue Moon Eclipse!

Ted and I, in a fit of, er, fitfulness, went out to dinner tonight. When we came out of the restaurant, we looked up at the blue moon, which was missing a chunk. “Um,” said Ted, “where’s the Doctor?”

“Obviously up there carving up the moon,” said I. Neither of us had had any idea a partial eclipse was scheduled for tonight. If I’d known, I’d have taken the camera out and gotten a cooler picture than this one, but this one, taken from the front yard, isn’t bad. :)

2009 New Year's Eve Blue Moon Eclipse

Happy New Year. Again. :)

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