December 28th, 2009


Jane Yellowrock-Joanne Walker Crossover Fanfic

Faith Hunter has given me permission to go ahead and post the story snippet I wrote up a couple days ago. She and I are now discussing the possibility of sometime in 2010 actually collaborating on a novella which would be set outside both characters’ timelines/real worlds–in other words, pure fanfic, except written by the authors themselves–to put up either as a commission like I did with “Hot Time”, or simply sell as a direct market piece. People should respond to this post and let us know if you’d be interested in buying a crossover story.

In the meantime, a teaser:

There was something weird about crossing the city lines into New Orleans. Not just that the Big Easy was by anybody’s standards–in fiction, anyway–the center of all things supernatural in the States. It was bigger than that, a nasty jolt that wrenched everything a couple steps to the left. Even the city’s aura looked different from inside than it had from a few miles out, and I had absolutely no clue why.

The exciting thing about my life was that I’d probably find out.

For all my traveling around as a kid, I’d never gone through New Orleans. N’awlins, the way the natives said it. I loved that sound, like it was a word to be rolled around in and licked off the skin. So I did what any tourist would do upon arriving in the heartland of American Weird.

I hit the French Quarter.

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