December 13th, 2009


pre-P-Con dinner

A Sunday afternoon two weeks before Christmas is probably not the ideal time to post this, but it will no doubt come up again and since we were just talking about it I thought I’d post.

Ted was considering doing a pre-P-Con dinner on the Thursday evening before P-Con, which would be the 4th of March, 2010. We had vague thoughts of maybe finding an extended-stay sort of apartment in Dublin that would have a reasonably decent kitchen, and holding a dinner there (rather than attempting to take over someone’s kitchen).

Would anybody be interested? Probably if we did that, with the apartment, we’d need a few euro cover charge or something to help offset the cost of the apartment, but on the other hand, if Brits were coming in early for it, we could probably also manage to get a place that would settle several people for the night, thus also offsetting the cost of an extra night in Dublin…

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