December 11th, 2009


a few extra weeks…

I need a few extra weeks in the next couple months. I mean, really, is that so much to ask for? It’s just that the window for applying for government grants for artist living expenses closes on January 21, and there are at three or four areas I’d like to apply for a bursary in (photography, an attempt at a literary novel, that climate change trilogy that I want to try my hand at, and a YA fantasy thing so I might someday get to finish writing ANGLES. Cast the net wide, right? :)). I’ve got 2/3rds of the writing done for the literary thing, enough of ANGLES done, no idea what it would take to apply for a photography bursary (need to look that up) and absolutely nothing on the climate change thing. Obviously the smart thing to do would’ve been work on some or all of those apps over the past few months, except mostly for the last few months I’ve been going “blblblbl” instead of being productive. So now I’m left with six weeks to do those and write a book, and as usual, it’s the book, which someone is actually *going* to pay me for, which takes precedence. Maybe I can get *one* of the grant applications done…

And in the meantime, today for some reason is one of those days where I feel like I need a big mug of coffee, nevermind the fact that the closest I come to caffeinated beverages is hot chocolate.

Mghlg. Okay. Slogging to work now. Mglgh.

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new swimsuit

I has gotten a new swimsuit which fits my tubby little self even though I ate all the food in America west of the Mississippi. Really, I’m pretty sure I did. So now, armed with my new swimsuit, the only thing stopping me from daily swim workouts is the terrible difficulty of getting to the gym.

I had been thinking earlier today that the one thing I really wish we had a car for was /going/ to the gym. It’s…I donno, a mile and a halfish? Maybe two miles? 30 or 40 minutes walk at my none-too-hurried pace. I could bike, but biking, like walking, becomes less pleasant the more inclement the weather, and the weather has been deadly inclement. So I was thinking a car would be great for going to the gym, if nothing else.

Only then it struck me that we’ve had a car in the past and it never made going to the gym any easier. I bet what would make going to the gym a *lot* easier would be to have a standing order for a taxi to show up at 7:30am three or four times a week. Calling to cancel the cab would be too much trouble pretty much all the time, so I would basically *have* to get up and be ready to go when the cab arrived. It’d be like having a gym partner, only not.

And it’d still be cheaper than having a car, by the tune of a hundred or more euro a month even if I did it daily.


miles to Minas Tirith: 89.5
ytd wordcount: 256,700

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