November 16th, 2009


repeating myself

I once more point people at my environmentalism temper tantrum, mostly because it’s faster than typing it all out again. Triggered this time by

- the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas failing to have the balls to do what needs doing, ie, a total ban on tuna fishing for years to come. Yes, I get the impact of that on ordinary fishermen, I am from a fishing community myself, and frankly it’s not Joe Bob with his single boat that’s the problem, it’s huge conglomeration fleets and giant ships sponsored by corporations, but none of that matters, because the goddamned end result is the same. Furthermore, I recognize that a significant part of the problem is also a lack of ability/desire/follow-through on policing the fisheries to ensure the sanctioned catch isn’t being disregarded, but none of that diminishes the fact that that the ICCAT lacks the balls to do its job

- Sean goddamned Parnell, the new governor of Alaska, vowing to get polar bears removed from the endangered species poster child list because he can’t let a few dumb animals stand in the way of the state’s prosperity

- the unshocking news that gosh, there’s almost certainly not going to be anything binding coming out of the upcoming climate change summit–because hey, why not lower expectations plenty early, especially when countries are already being handed concessions on the topic while on a national scale in the US, Republicans just flat out walked out of a climate bill discussion because THAT’S HOW WILLING THEY ARE TO FIX THE PROBLEM.

God, maybe you guys are right. Maybe I should write a book. Except I don’t know that I could sell it on proposal (Big Idea Environmental Fiction is not my gig) and I don’t think I could afford to write it on spec with my other contracted books.

*headdesk, anyway*

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