November 13th, 2009


On vacation

Catie is on vacation. If you need to contact her, please leave a message at the tone.


TRUTHSEEKER revisions are done and delivered. “Cairn Dancer” revisions are done and delivered. “Perchance to Dream” revisions are not done, but are so minor I won’t count them against my vacation. I am now officially On Vacation until the 7th of December. Yay!

Also yay: I got paid yesterday, and am once more extremely grateful for all my readers. In honor of you, Ted and I had a real life Date Night where we went to a movie in the evening and then went out to dinner. (Movie: 2012. As advertised, the special effects were pretty awesome. We enjoyed it. We want the DVD extras.) So thank you all for my movie and dinner. And rent. And kitty kibbles, and everything else. :)

I will now stagger to bed and sleep the sleep of the just, or at least the sleep of the “so full of Indian food I cannot stay awake any longer”. :)

miles to Minas Tirith: 51.4
ytd wordcount: 251,500

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