November 4th, 2009


thinks to do

The theory of the thing was to have TRUTHSEEKER revisions done by Sunday last. To this I say AHAHAHAHAHA. At this point I think my goal is to have them done by Sunday next, or Monday at the latest. We’re going into Dublin for the GRRM signing tomorrow, so they won’t get done before then. There’re only a hundred pages left, but it hasn’t been easy to sit down and do them.

After that, pre-holiday, I must do the following:

- tiddly revisions on “Perchance to Dream”
- tiddly revisions on “Cairn Dancer”

Then I can roll over and expose my tender underbelly to the sky and loll about for three or four weeks before returning to what had better be an explosion of focused writing, since I have two books and two sets of proposals due by May.

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