October 29th, 2009



The end of this book remains an aggravating hundred pages away. And it was supposed to be this cute little quick and easy 360 page thing which has now grown to 420 pages and probably isn’t quite done there. And the changes made so far mean adding a scene and setting a written one somewhere else and then probably revising another one to a chase scene or something.

It all sounds like a lot of work. Sigh. I suspect it will overflow into November by a couple days to finish it, which was not my plan. OTOH, since we don’t get home from our American travels until Dec. 5th, it’s not like I’ll be starting work on the 1st of December, so I guess I’ll still get my full month off. But btltltht anyway. OT3rdH, all these bloody revisions should mean that everything’s really solidly set up for the second book, which will then hopefully be quick and easy to write, if not 360 pages long. @.@

And ah, crap, I need to turn those short stories in. Must do that tomorrow.

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