October 24th, 2009


Imelda May

Earlier this year, or possibly late last year, Ted encountered a singer called Imelda May on the Late Late Show. She’s got a great image–a 50’s burlesque kind of look–and did a couple of terrific rockabilly numbers. We promptly went forth to try to find her album.

So, it appeared, did everyone else in Ireland, because we ended up having to order it from Amazon, being utterly unable to locate it in any stores here. The album, “Love Tattoo”, is pretty fantastic, and we spent most of the past year managing to just miss her in concert. This summer we saw she was performing at the Sligo Live Music Festival, so we got tickets, and yesterday we popped up to Sligo to watch her.

It was a very good concert, with somewhere in the range of 750-1000 attendees, I’d say. I’d have probably rated it as terrific if we’d remembered the ear plugs, but we didn’t, and I was about seven feet from one of the sound system speakers, so I spent the entire evening with a finger in my ear in order to reduce the pain of consonants and the trumpet. They played for an hour and a half, with a bunch of songs off “Love Tattoo”, a bunch of songs from the new album which we didn’t get because we didn’t have enough cash on us, and several songs which must be from an upcoming album, as they were introduced as new. A good solid concert all around, and if you like rockabilly/bluesy/torch kind of music, you’d probably like Imelda May.

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