October 15th, 2009


it hurts so what?

Lithera sent me a True Blood t-shirt that says “It hurts so good” on the chest. But in a mirror, which is the only place I ever notice the text, “good” becomes “bood”. Then my brain transposes the “d” to another “b”, though it doesn’t try to read the rest of the words because they don’t reflect into almost-words. So I essentially think the t-shirt says “It hurts so boob.” And I wear it anyway. :)

Also, the box the t-shirt (and other things) arrived in is the Best Box Ever. The cats have been sleeping in, on, and around it for two months. One could argue this is due to the box’s location beside a radiator, except they were just as eager to sleep in it when the heat wasn’t on. Best. Box. EVER.

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technology is awesome

Earth and Jupiter, as seen from Mars. (Click on the image if your browser automatically sizes it to the browser window size, because it’s very tall.) Just wow.

I forgot to mention that this month is the mass market release of WINTER MOON, the anthology which has “Banshee Cries”, a novella of the Walker Papers, in it. “Banshee” fits between URBAN SHAMAN and THUNDERBIRD FALLS chronologically, and the first chapter is available here. So if you didn’t get it in trade, now’s your chance! And…it’ll probably be shelved with Mercedes Lackey books, as she’s the lead name on the anthology. :)

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