October 7th, 2009


X down, Y to go

The werewolf short story and the dragon short story are, pending minor revisions, done. I will not be signing on for any more anthologies for the next 12 months, because I have to in some way prevent myself from overworking, and categorically saying no is about the only way I can think to do that. Nor will I–with the exception of a couple pre-arranged exceptions–be reading any books for possible blurbs until at least next May.

Heard back from my agent about the third possible book in the TRUTHSEEKER series, and my editor decided to stick with two books. This is pretty much fine with me on every level, as it means writing two books over the next six months instead of three (the money would’ve been nice, but so, I expect, will the reduced stress levels be).

So next up is revising TRUTHSEEKER, which I can do now that I know whether there’ll be a third book. The lack of a third book means I can incorporate some of the elements I’d have used in the second and third into the first, which I think will help to accomplish some of the things my editor’s looking for. So that’s good. And those are due by the end of October, so I will either launch right into WAYFINDER for Nanowrimo, or I will basically take November off entirely while we travel, and write WAYFINDER in December/January. (Guess which of those two is the more likely scenario?) And then I’ll be out of contract to Del Rey, so I expect I’ll pitch more Inheritors’ Cycle (aka “the Queen’s Bastard books”) novels to them at that point. Fingers crossed. :)

And then while Del Rey’s deciding about the Inheritors’ books, I’ll write the sixth Walker Papers for Luna, which will take me up to next May. Et voila.

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