October 3rd, 2009



For a brief and shining moment today, our highest-limit credit card was paid off.

Then I bought plane tickets to Alaska.

We’ll be in Fairbanks from the 20th-29th of November, and we hope we’ll see a bunch of people there! I’m going to try to arrange a book signing at Barnes & Noble, so I’ll let people know about that.

We will THEN be in Anchorage for two nights! November 30th and Dec 1st. I am also going to try to arrange a signing at B&N there for one of those nights, and I would like very very much to manage a get-together of some kind with as many people as possible the other night, or possibly before/after the signing, or whatever–not much time, so we want to do as much visiting as possible. :)

And THEN we will be in Seattle ONE NIGHT ONLY, Wednesday Dec 2nd…and I hope to arrange a book signing at the University Book Store. (It might be too late, given how busy they always are, but I can try!) If that falls through, well, we’ll still want to see people, so we’ll try to arrange dinner, and possibly a lunch meet-up of some kind on the 4th, which is the day we fly out.

More details as they emerge. :)

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