September 24th, 2009


just stuff

Last night Ted made a comment which spawned the very beginnings of an idea for that environmental-themed novel I’d like to write. (Not that the link is really about the novel, it’s just the rant which caused several people to say, “Gosh, Kit, you should write a book.”) I can just barely see the shape of what I’d want to do with it, and will let it sit and will write notes when I have ideas, but man. I…would really like to tackle that someday. Sooner rather than later, because I think it’s important now, but it’s also a project I think would take a couple years to deal with, between proper research and writing, the former of which I wouldn’t even know how to begin to finance. (Oh, to be Ian McDonald.) Anyway, I have a title and some ideas for the narrative threads, and…maybe someday I can get to it.

Ted and I are missing Anchorage. O, Tommy’s Burger Stop. O, Bear Tooth Pub & Movie Theatre. O, Coastal Trail. O, Title Wave. O, Kaladi. O, Termination Dust. O, Beluga Whales. O, Basketball Courts (god knows why, but I really miss basketball courts. They’re part of the American landscape, and I just…miss them. Anyway.) We concluded that really, we’d be perfectly happy to live in Anchorage if we just had the money to get out a couple times a year. Of course, we then had to admit we’d probably be happy to live just about anywhere if we had the money to get out a couple times a year. :)

I had rather a number more things I meant to touch on in this post, but I appear to have completely blanked out on whatever they were. I need to remember to do a MW posting, but other than that, I guess I’m done here.

miles to Morannon: 104.1

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I love geeks, part 2

Kit just needs a miracle. :)
Ivpiter just needs money :)
Kit’d need a miracle to get money. :)
Ivpiter needs money to buy a miracle! :)
Kit says, “Here, have this one. it’s golf-ball-sized and covered in chocolate.”
Ivpiter says, “Don’t go swimming for 30 minutes afterwards!”
Kit says, “Think they’ll make it?”
Ivpiter says, “It would take a miracle.”

<3 <3 <3 :) :) :)

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