September 5th, 2009


a few last things of awesome

I know I’ve fallen down on my Awesome Stuff postings, but I’ve barely been online the past couple days (the intarwebs, they are growing increasingly dull…). So here are a few last awesome things to wrap up the week with:

The Uncanny X-Men relationship map. Carl and Bryant pointed this out to me recently. My only objection is I feel they’ve overlooked a one-sided infatuation line from every male in the Marvel universe (excepting Nate Grey & Cable) to Jean Grey. Possibly my favorite aspect: they have a specific color for “one or more of these parties is from an alternate reality”. I love Marvel. :)

A Mississippi barbecue joint in business since 1924–begun & still run by Lebanese immigrants whose policy was to defy segregation, even most of a century ago. I want to go there, not just because they’re apparently good people, but any barbecue joint that’s been open for nearly a century has got to be doing something right. Om nom nom!

Outer space has a smell. Next thing you know they’ll be telling us it also has a deep hum, like it seems to in most science fiction television and films. :)

Kambriel: awesome gothy one-offs which I will never be awesome or gothy enough to wear. :)

One jillion frozen dessert recipes.

And finally, the Intelligent Travel Blog, which I just discovered a few minutes ago and think is, well, awesome!

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