August 23rd, 2009


Walk to Rivendell

A friend of mine asked a couple days ago where the mileage to Rivendell was. She found it at its usual location, the Eowyn Challenge, but because I broke it out into separate journeys years ago whle I was doing this, I asked if she wanted the individualized set. She did, and at least one other person did too, so I thought I’d put it up here in case anybody else wanted to walk to Rivendell and have their own copy of this.

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thinks to done/done:
- email the dabels
- email melissa
- finish chance essays
- check with jason wrt chance essay
- finish “hot time”
- post belfast writeup/pictures
- finish rattlesnake proposal
- start work on mia
- answer fred’s email

been working on the belfast stuff for 90 minutes. have lost all will to live. *drags self off to do something, ANYTHING, else*

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