August 20th, 2009


Geeks, Represent!

I have damned good friends. Lithera picked up copies of the FCBD issue of Chance, as well as issue #5, while she was at ComicCon, and I have just received a big box full of those and other extremely splendid things, including a STRANGERS IN PARADISE canvas bag.

Which reminded me that I was thinking a couple days ago about how many of my belongings subtly or not-so-subtly inform the world that I’m a geek. I’ve got another tote bag that’s a Browncoats mail bag. All of my coats have at least one Rogue pin on them, and sometimes have other geek symbols as well–the Highlander Watchers’ symbol, for example, or my pink-lightsabre, breast-cancer-fighting Jedi knight pin. I have, since I was a teen, painted comic figures on my jeans jackets. Lots of stuff like that.

So I just thought, “Geeks, represent!” quite cheerfully when I got the stuff from Lithera, and now I’m all chortling at that phrase and trying to think of a proper symbol for it. :)

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