July 17th, 2009


She has us pegged.

I checked my friends-list this morning and found Ursula being artistically antsy, and laughed out loud to read the following line:

I think of myself as lazy most of the time, but if I’m being objective, my standards are totally warped there, and C.E. Murphy and Ellen Million and I will someday wind up sharing a padded room on that particular topic.

This is particularly funny to me right now, as it was yesterday that I kind of went, “…y’know, I may have overloaded myself again…” I suspect she has us pegged. I also think that we would have more fun in that padded room than has ever been had in the history of padded rooms. And that when we were finally released we probably would have taken the room entirely apart and turned it into some kind of massive, multi-artist project of doom. Because little things like straight-jackets wouldn’t stop us!

I want these people to make me a Chance costume. As soon as, you know. As soon as I can be mistaken for a T2 Linda Hamilton at a quick glance.

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