July 11th, 2009


day trip!

We took a day trip out to Tulsk today. There’s pretty much literally nothing in Tulsk except a convenience store, a ruined abbey dating back to 1406, and an archaeological dig site dating back to the Mesolithic that we got to climb around in.

Obviously it was well worth the trip out. :) No, seriously, it was! It was awesome. There’s also a visitor’s center, except sort of ironically all the information in the visitor’s center is about the Queen Mabh site a couple miles down the road, because they didn’t know what they had in their back yard (literally) until very recently. They’d just finished up this summer’s dig yesterday, and apparently the last things they found were a baby’s skeleton in a sheltered grave of some sort, and evidence that the site was Mesolithic in origin, which was much, much older than the Bronze Age materials they’d found evidence of at the last moment of last year’s dig.

The woman at the center said we could climb around and have a good look at the site, but that she didn’t know how much of it was tarped over, because the wine had been opened the previous evening before the tarping was finished, and everybody came in to celebrate the summer’s work! :) So we went all around the edges and then were like, “…there’s no one to tell us no, and she *saaaaaaid* we could climb around…!” So we actually got down into the castle/keep/god-knows-what-came-before ruins. I mean, how often do you get to climb around in Mesolithic ruins? It was pretty cool. :) I’ll post pictures soon.

Dad made a smart-ass comment on our way there, I said, “Oh, I’d go for that,” and Ted started extrapolating how it would work, and now we have this awesome idea for a business. We have to figure out who to talk to here about getting money to pursue a business idea to see if it would be viable…

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