July 10th, 2009


stupid shoulder

Doing the 100s Wednesday was apparently more than my shoulder could handle. I am very crankily not swimming again until Monday in an attempt to set it right, and I will not do sprints until I’m in much better condition. *sigh* I’m also going to try to mostly stay offline over the weekend, particularly off the laptop, because using it aggravates the injury. It is possible this will cause me to shrivel up and die. I’ll keep you posted. Or not, if I’m supposed to be offline…

Muahah. The postman has just delivered the last of our mad spending spree materials: the complete Angel DVD collection (because I’m a fruitcake, and want to watch seasons 4-7 of Buffy alternating with seasons 1-4 of Angel, the way they were aired, and Ted is a good enough person to agree to my lunacy), two of the X-Men graphic novels I need to catch up, and the last of the Star Wars RPG stuff to complete Ted’s collection. Wow. Could we be any geekier?

Arright, I’m going for a walk since I can’t swim, and to the bank because the landlord sent the reimbursement check for the new furniture.

miles to Minas Tirith: 454.4

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probably says it all

In the War Room just now, Laura Anne said, “Kit, I am in awe, once again, at your mixture of productivity and total lack of self-preservation.”

I suspect that says it all. Not that she should talk. :)

I’m also kind of fond of this final line of the synopsis I’m currently working on: “and KERSPLODY is the final scene of the book”

Sounds good, huh? :)

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so many thinks!

July Thinks To Do:
- finish TRUTHSEEKER revisions
- revisions for DEMON HUNTS
- proposal for Walker Papers #6
- write “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”
- Chance graphic novel proposal
- an essay or two for the Chance GN
- getting together all the materials for that GN
» includes asking my team if they want to write essay things
» and getting color notes to Jason
» email a reminder to the team
- proposal for WAYFINDER
» messy outline completed, synopsis to follow
» actual chapters & stuff won’t be done until I get the 2nd TRUTHSEEKER revision letter, I think, ’cause that still needs work
- (rough) WORLDBREAKER pitch

I have moved:
- Marvel application
- Mia graphic novel proposal
- Walker Papers short story

to August (first half of August, I swear, Lanny), although I had previously thought I’d moved the WAYFINDER/WORLDBREAKER stuff to August. Today corrected that think.

Damn, I feel like I’m juggling hot potatoes right now. I also just agreed to write another short story (that was what prompted LAG’s comment earlier), but it’s not due until December, so that shouldn’t be difficult. Also, I think I’m well past the place where I can claim I don’t write short stories. I used to not write short stories. Now I do. :)

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