July 6th, 2009


why yes, i am avoiding work

(sorry for repost, it is due to WP/LJ crossposting dipshittery)

- get a picture frame
» put together gift basket box
- get envelopes
» put chance issues in envelopes :)
- box up Walker Papers for Mr. M
- DEMON HUNTS revisions^H^H^H^H change of plans, work on critique instead
- call bonk
- make bread
- do laundry (Ted’s doing this, bless him)
- send receipts (VERY IMPORTANT)

Nice swim this morning. I did my first 500 in 9 minutes, which is faster than I usually…bother to do, if we’re being honest. I don’t think I could do one faster than about 8 minutes right now anyway, but I was pretty pleased to have done a 9-minute one. Technically I’m supposed to have one more day of 1K swimming, but I did 1300 meters today (to, er, bring my ytd km swum up to a round number, because I’m a dork like that) and I may just go straight to 1500 meters tomorrow.

This morning I received Jackie Kessler and Caitlin Kittredge’s BLACK AND WHITE, which is a superhero novel I’ve been dying to read ever since Jackie mentioned it. Now I must restrain myself and not read it until at least tonight, ’cause I have work to do! (Apparently that’s how reading is going: I either want to read something RIGHT NOW, or I can put it off indefinitely. No wonder I haven’t been buying a lot of books.)

Oh, speaking of reading, it turned out I had the Collapse )

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