July 5th, 2009


weekend post

4th of July: We went out for Indian dinner to celebrate, on account of Columbus having been looking for India. It was a *really* good meal, yum.

Furniture: Our living room furniture, which was not new when we moved in, has devolved to the point that when you sit in it you sink into the depths of dischair, so one of the many points I negotiated for our new lease was new furniture. I volunteered to go look for it myself (to the landlord’s *obvious* relief), so I finally made a decision yesterday, got the amount to spend cleared by the landlord, and bought them (after driving only a moderately altered bargain; I could’ve done better, but it wasn’t my money so I didn’t care that much). So we get new chairs and a new two-seater couch on Tuesday. This room will look very different indeed. On the definite up side, the cats will fit beneath the new furniture, so they’ll be able to collect their own cat toys when they knock them beneath the couch. :)

Raspberries: we had a raspberry on our raspberry bush yesterday! In celebration, we plucked and ate it. It was awful. :)

A review of “Public Enemies” beneath the cut, because it got rather long and has some spoilers, though nothing big.

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