July 1st, 2009


thinks to do: july

- finish TRUTHSEEKER revisions
- proposal for WAYFINDER* so I can also
- revisions for DEMON HUNTS
- proposal for Walker Papers #6
- a Janx & Daisani Old Races story
- Chance graphic novel proposal
- an essay or two for the Chance GN/getting together all the materials for that GN
» includes asking my team if they want to write essay things
» and getting color notes to Jason
- Mia graphic novel proposal
- Walker Papers short story
- Marvel application

I honestly can’t decide if that’s an OH MY GOD IT WILL NEVER GET DONE list, or an “Oh actually that’s not so bad” list.

I also have no fewer than four books I’m supposed to read for potential blurbage and at least three other smaller things I said I’d read for people. I’m going to try *very* hard to spend my Sundays reading this month, but man, I’m having a hard go of it lately.

*WAYFINDER is really an August project, which may mean so is pitching WORLDBREAKER, but hope, or ambition, springs eternal!

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