June 28th, 2009


I have been experimented upon!

Yesterday I got an interview request email from someone who’d just read URBAN SHAMAN, which isn’t all that unusual. They mentioned that picking it up was the result of an experiment they were running, which is entirely unusual. It was all very mysterious, with no explanation of what the experiment *was*, just a promise that it would be explained in the review post. So I answered the questions, and a report and interview is now up at GeekTreasure.com. It’s actually a pretty damned interesting experiment, I think, and not just because I ‘won’. :)

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a comparative breeze

Today I have only raked for an hour (the local birds approve, although despite the really *huge* pile of straw now the back garden still doesn’t look much improved over before I’d spent two hours raking it. I’ve got at least another hour’s worth of work left, too. And I am soooooooooore.), walked to get kitty litter, walked to get pants, done Pilates, and cleaned the kitchen. And yet somehow, I’m still all worn out! And I have a blister!

I also have some ambition to work on my website after a while, though dozing on the couch has its appeal too…

miles to Minas Tirith: 421.9

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