June 26th, 2009


how does this happen to me?

tersa and others pointed out to me that perhaps the 10K daily steps thing was meant for people who were not also riding their bike to the gym and swimming. Unless, Tersa said, you’re an overachiever.

I fear she was making an insinuation, but it is not one I can grasp.

I’m going to finish this pass of revisions on TRUTHSEEKER today, come hell or high water (and at the rate I’m going, ie, not having started yet, it seems likely one of those will arrive before I’m done), then take the weekend off and Monday/Tuesday address anything that’s still relevant from my editor’s revision letter after the MASSIVE REWRITES. I’d hoped to turn this in two weeks ago, but it’ll be in by the end of the month, which is Good Enough. Because I’m not behind the 8-ball. :)

Somehow I have ended up with a list of things to do in July which is longer than the number of weeks in the month, which was not at *all* my intention.
- A Walker Papers short story of some kind (or possibly even two)
- a Janx & Daisani Old Races story
- two one graphic novel proposals
- one novel proposal
- an essay or two for the Chance GN/getting together all the materials for that GN
» includes asking my team if they want to write essay things
» and getting color notes to Jason
- possibly do revisions for DEMON HUNTS if I get a revision letter
- get started on WAYFINDER
- and oh yeah, pitch a third book in this series to my editor

miles to Minas Tirith: 413.9

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holy beans.

At more or less the same moment I completed the major TRUTHSEEKER revisions, I also was notified that the fifth and final issue of “Take A Chance” had been completed.

Holy beans. Banner day. I’ve actually managed to create a comic book series. I’ve actually managed to get it on the shelves, a whole story arc (fifth issue will be out next month!). It looks beautiful, there are parts of the story that make me laugh, I’m…I’m genuinely a little stunned.

Holy beans.

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