June 23rd, 2009


twitter, facebook, shameless self promotion…

All right, while it would no doubt be easier to give away books, I’m going to write a couple of Walker Papers short stories (possibly *very* short stories) for Facebook fans/Twitter followers when they crest a certain number. For Facebook, that number is 250, which is only ten or eleven people away. (The story may get substantially longer with every, say, hundred more people who join the fan group.) The Facebook fan page is here.

For Twitter, which the entire world seems to claim as More Popular, the number is 500, which is much further away. (Ditto with the story length getting potentially longer with every hundred people past 500.) Follow me on Twitter here.

And while I’m shilling, I may as well mention that the Old Races short story, “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, is more than halfway to the commission goal–another $316 will get the people who pledged to support it their very own Janx & Daisani story which won’t be seen elsewhere for a minimum of three months and possibly for years. You know you want to!

Now I’m going into Dublin AGAIN to try to find shoes that will fit my stupid wide thick feet. I may not make it to the war room at all today, but hopefully I’ll show up not quite a couple hours late…

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shoes. finally.

After a ridiculous number of attempts, I have shoes that do not hurt my feet. That is good. I also got 2600 words written on the train commute. That is also good. And believe I have ended up, via these massive revisions, with a scenario that will permit me to write a third book in this series if my editor wants one. That’s good too.

The drunk asshole on the train who made fun of my hat and upset my tummy by doing so is less good. It’s a very cute hat, I know he was drunk and an asshole, but wow, it’s amazing how a random stranger’s nastiness can puncture a person.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to put my new shoes on my feet, get on my newly-fixed bicycle, bike over to the pool, and swim. So mote it be.

But right now I’m going to the war room. *shakes spear, runs off*

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the hat

since several people have asked:

In other news, bicycles are fast! I zooped over to the store on mine, and it was, well, fast! I donno if it’s just that I haven’t ridden a bike in three and a half years or if the handlebars are actually much further down than they used to be, but it felt a bit thick and wobbly. I did have to raise the seat, so I kind of suspect it’s the placement of the handlebars, so I’ll stop by the shop tomorrow and see if I can’t get him to raise them some. And to loosen the brakes a bit too, because wow grabby. But I have a bike again! And it’s fast! NEEROW ZOOM

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