June 22nd, 2009


nattering details

Himself and I went to the new Transformers movie tonight. It’s much too long, and filled with considerably more juvenile humor than I remember from the first one. They could’ve cut forty minutes from it and had an explosion-filled film with as much plot as they managed in 2.5 hours, but with a lot less of the stupidity. One never wants to find oneself thinking “wow, this is long,” during the course of a movie, or to think, “Oh, hey, when are they going to address $Plot_Device again?” ten entire minutes before they do rather than go “Oh yeah! I forgot about $Plot_Device! Yay!”

On the positive side, I thought the Transformers themselves were much better than in the first movie, with more frames per second, perhaps, and with a lot of the action slowed down more so it could be seen more clearly. And Megan Fox is still very pretty (though the moment I saw Kayla Silverfox from Wolverine I decided Lynn Collins would make a better Jo than Megan, overall. She’s taller, for one, and more interesting-looking than drop-dead gorgeous).

I’ve managed for the second time in a row to get The Wrong Shoes, so I’m going back into Dublin tomorrow to try one more time. These are becoming very expensive shoes. So I’ll probably be late to the wars, fellow Warriors, but I’ll bring the Enterprise on the train with me and get work done while going in and out.

Bed now, before I find something to eat. *sigh*

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