June 21st, 2009


Kit’s Very Busy Day

I got up at 7:something, and by 8:20 I’d showered, cleaned the kitchen, fed the cats, and made a grocery list. By half eleven I’d made pancakes, gone shopping, and gotten started on the hellish site redesign that’s going to take days if not weeks of time.

In between beating my head on the redesign wall, I entertained myself by making icons from sarahtales’s Star Trek parody. There are SO MANY MORE I want to do, but this will do for a start. All text (excepting “adorkable”) thanks to Sarah Rees Brennan, icon bases nabbed from users psychelocks, hebrewhammer42, and turple_purtle.

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a chat log:

catie: Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like to just say, “Screw it, if it doesn’t fit in two suitcases I’m not taking it,” and sort of…start clean.
sarah: Me too.
catie: I get into the “but well” within about three seconds.
sarah: LOL. Me too. :)
catie: I’m pretty sure the genuinely important things would fit in two suitcases.
But, well.
sarah: Yeah, but it’s all the little weird things that make you, you know, who you are, right?
Generic you.
catie: Nah, the weird little things that make people who they are are really in their heads. They don’t change or go away. The eleven zillion Rogue dolls are just a physical manifestation of that. As it were.
sarah: -squints- Oh, stop being sensible. ;)
catie: O.O
gosh, i feel all pithy and shit now. Maybe I should go live on a mountaintop and dispense advice.
…through my internet connection…

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