June 16th, 2009


clack clack clack

I find writing when there’s music on to be very difficult, but two things are now working against me:

One, at the moment, I’m huddled in my office working while the landlord and Ted deal with Manly Things (ie, moving heavy objects, cleaning drains, building sheds, etc), and I have the cats locked in here with me. They are slightly less demanding to be LET OUT NOOOOOOOW if there’s music on, possibly because it makes it harder for them to hear the Interesting Things going on outside the office.

Two, and this is more on-going, the netbook (which has indeed been named Enterprise, what with it being an NC model and me having my Captain’s Chair and all) is VERY VERY QUIET compared to the old desktop, and so I find myself in my office all along with nothing but the EXCEEDINGLY LOUD clacking of my fingers against the keyboard. I had not noticed previously that this is an especially loud keyboard, but it is. o.o

(Also, three, I just received the new Jim Byrnes album in the mail, and I wanted to listen to it! However, in order to prevent myself from doing nothing /but/ listening to it, I have been obliged topull all my Jim Byrnes music to the Enterprise and create a shuffled play list, because most of the music’s very familiar to me and it’s slightly easier to write to music I know very well. So mostly I’m only distracted every several songs instead of consistently for forty minutes. :))

So I’m working to music, and it took me about half an hour to get started working because when there’s music playing I /listen/ to it. (Also because I was at the beginning of a chapter I had no idea how to start.) Oi. Anyway, I got started and think I know where I’m going with this, and *maybe* this chapter will turn into one where I can start adding old material back in. Maybe. I’ve written…I don’t know, forty pages? Maybe fifty? Thirty or forty, anyway. Of pretty much all-new material. I swear if my editor’s not happier with this version of the book I’ll fling myself out a window.

Okay, okay, this is just procrastinating at this point. I’d better go back to work.

eta: or I could go furniture shopping, which I have just been given the green light to do… o.o (No, I will work. Tomorrow morning I’ll go shop.)

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