June 15th, 2009


best. friends. EVER.

I just got a package in the mail from the redoubtable Blue Haired Angie. This is always a fun thing, so I opened it quite happily, and discovered within the two Beauty and the Beast comics Wendy Pini did based on the late 1980s television show. And I thought, “AWWW,” and smiled a lot, because that was very wonderful and thoughtful of Angie, and well, she couldn’t possibly know that I already owned them. So I plunked down happily to read the note that Angie sent along with the comics and halfway through the note I went… *!!!!!!* and opened them and


I have the best friends *ever*. EVER. Apparently Angie found them three days before Wondercon and knew Wendy would be there, and SQUEEEEEE! BEST. FRIENDS. *EVER*. <3 <3 <3

On another topic entirely (fivethree things make a post!), I was doing Pilates this morning and although I realize it’s anthropomorphizing, I swear sometimes my random shuffle on the MP3 player does things on purpose. There’s a coda from the Young Guns II soundtrack that ended up on my playlist, just one line by Keifer Sutherland: “You rode a fifteen year old boy straight to his grave, and the rest of us straight to hell.”

Which, this morning, was followed immediately by “Walk Through the Fire” from Buffy. I love it when that happens. :)

In case you missed the Friday posting, I’m running an experiment, and have put an Old Races (Janx and Daisani) short story up for commission through fundable.com. All the details are here, but I wanted to mention it again because I posted it kind of late on Friday and because the commission is now halfway to goal, which is kind of (okay, VERY) exciting. :)

Okay. Tons of work to do today (ranging from housecleaning to revising to making BBQ sauce and macaroni salad because we found pork ribs! yay!), so I’m going to toddle off quite happily and work and think of how splendid my friends are and just. Yeah. Thank you, Angie, and everybody who’s participated in the commission so far, and…just yeah. Thank you all. You’re awesome.

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okay, okay

I have bowed to peer pressure (mostly from agrimony) and have created a Facebook fan page for, er, myself. (Honestly, FB has it set up so it really wants you to do it yourself, even if that seems uncomfortably weird to me.) I’ll do, I don’t know, something interesting, give away a book or answer one question about one of the series or something, when I reach 100 fans, and another when I reach 250.

And since I guess I’m doing Shameless Self Promotion this week, I might as well suggest to people that they go to Google Groups and sign up for my announcements-only mailing list, which is low volume (2 emails a month max, and that’s only if I forget something or something very exciting happens after the first time around).

ytd wordcount: 183,200

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