June 11th, 2009


cranky internet fogey likes this

Thanks to coffeeem, I have discovered Readability, which is a handy little toolbar widget that allows you to, with the click of a button, render text content into a size, font and margin-setting that you find comfortable to read. I don’t know when I became a cranky internet fogey (actually, anybody who’s been online as long as I have–19 years and counting (and yes, I know, half my friends have been on YEARS longer than that)–is one by definition), but I like this.

Also, I hate Flash-based websites. There. I’ve said it. Take that!

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This I Used To Believe

This is a rather complex meme stemming from friends’ discussions, prompted by a This American Life podcast called “This I Used To Believe”, about changed ideas and philosophies: what people no longer thought or felt, and why.

I thought it was sufficiently interesting to take a stab at it myself.

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So. What did you used to believe?

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