June 4th, 2009


Early Morning Blues

Oh I woke up this morning (da da da DA da)
at six forty-five (da da da DA da)
Oh yeah I woke up this mooo-ooorning
and I was feelin’ alive

So I got out of bed (da da da DA da)
and I went to the pool (da da da DA da)
yeah I got out of beeee–eeee-d
just like some crazy fool

I walked by the river (da da da DA da)
in the morning sunshine (da da da DA da)
Yeah I walked by the riiiii-iiii-ver
and I was feelin’ so fine

Now I’m back at home (da da da DA da)
gettin’ ready to work (da da da DA da)
Yeah now I’m back at hoooo-oooo-oome
and my back’s startin’ to hurt

Gotta get me a PS/2 (da da da DA da)
adapter for my keyboard (da da da DA da)
yeah gotta get me a PS-twooooo-ooo-oooh
can’t you hear me oh Lord

When I get me that adapter (da da da DA da)
then I tell you this is true (da da da DA da)
when I get me that adaaa-aaap-ter
I’m gonna write a book for you

(da da da DA da)

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Run, Astres, Run

A friend of mine, astres, is doing a 10K run for charity this Saturday. She’s nearly at her fundraising goal, but could use a few more donations to send it over the top. If you donate, drop me an email (cemurphyauthor@gmail.com) and I’ll put your name in a hat for a drawing to win one of my books, whichever you choose (including WALKING DEAD, which is out in 3 months and which I should hopefully get early copies of in about 2).

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