June 3rd, 2009


bad internet, no cookie

I think the internet is sucking my will to live. I keep spending evenings staring blankly at a not-very-exciting computer screen instead of, say, going for a walk in the rare, utterly gorgeous weather we’ve been having. I think the solution here is No More Laptopping, which would be better for my shoulder anyway.

I have, for a variety of reasons, utterly failed to go swimming yet this week. Tomorrow, she said determinedly. Tomorrow.

I wonder if I dare go to the massage place without first slathering myself in sunblock. It’s not a very long walk. If I only go there and back again I shouldn’t get too crispy. She said nervously.

Must buy dental floss today. God, my life is exciting.

miles to Minas Tirith: 317.7

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The weather is utterly perfect today. Sunshine is pouring down from the sky but there’s also a cool wind to take the edge off the heat. This is the sort of dangerous weather where it’s *so* excellent I could fool myself into thinking it wasn’t too hot and I didn’t need sunblock. Except I know better. :) I swear, I just need to live somewhere the sun shines most of the time. I had an unspeakable sunshine headache on…Sunday, I guess, but I was still cheerful. And I continue to be cheerful, but now I also am massaged, so I’m like, cheerful and floaty, plus my head turns to the left!

Last week the doctor guy did cupping on my back. It left truly horrible bruises, which I have been applying arnica to with a vigor and regularity that I’m typically unable to sustain (I tend to forget, but even though I couldn’t *see* them, I was *extremely* aware and self-conscious about the GIANT PURPLE SPOTS on my back, and so I *really* didn’t forget). Consequently, today I only have faintly yellow spots on my back instead of–well, without arnica they would still be livid purple. I bruise easily and impressively. Anyway, so I was going to tell the doctor no more cupping, because I was too self-conscious, but before I said anything he said, “Oh, how ’bout cupping? Maybe cupping is no good for you. Your friends say (*insert very credible gasp here*), “Oooh, what happen! Cupping! What is cupping!”" *laughs* So no more cupping, but a good massage, and the doctor is better-pleased with the state of my tongue, which he made me stick out for him. (I have no idea what that means, but hey, he thinks it’s better. :))

eta: …oh *no*. David Eddings has died. How very sad. I love the Belgariad. It was one of the series that made me want to write for my current publisher, Del Rey, in fact. Damn. How very sad.

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, in comments wrt to Eddings’ death, said, And I can never forget Jim’s speech about the origins of the Codex Alera books: “Because all epic fantasy begins with an orphan on a farm.” Eddings is who I always associated with that.

Which is true, and which makes me feel rather sentimental, and also makes me want to write an orphan-on-the-farm epic fantasy. Except I haven’t got as inherently cool a premise as Jim had for the Codex Alera books. Or, you know. Time.

I seem to have walked almost six miles today. That’s probably enough that I don’t have to go for another walk tonight.

Worked on TRUTHSEEKER revisions this afternoon, and to my astonishment got about 1800 words done even though I really felt like I was just poking along. Word wars continue to be FTW.

I think I will shower to get all this sunblock off me, and then go watch Penelope, which Ted got me for my birthday. :)

ytd wordcount: 177,000
miles to Minas Tirith: 323.6

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