May 16th, 2009



I was sitting around last night blowing my nose rather more frequently than usual, and suddenly realized that the solid plugged-uppedness of the left nostril was not usual dust/cat dander/whatever sort of stuffiness, and that indeed it was symptomatic of the cold that’s been going around my family. I took some cold medicine and promptly got dizzified from it, and that, with the alternating addition of a really bad headache, is sort of where I remain. I feel incredibly whiny and irritated with myself for being whiny. :p

Working on DEMON HUNTS revisions even though it’s the weekend. Feeling somewhat inspired not so much because of wanting to get this turned in (though I do) as I got revision notes on TRUTHSEEKER which made me go “ack!” so I have to get this done so I can think about them. So I’m trying to at least highlight the incomprehensible bits so I can fix them, and am struggling, as I often do, to find places in a break-neck story pace to slow it down and add detail here and there. On one hand I feel like it’s missing; on the other, while I’m charging along reading (and I’m trying to read slowly), it doesn’t *seem* like anything’s missing. This is the (or a) problem with trying to do revisions immediately after finishing writing a book. And probably it doesn’t entirely help to be doing it with a cold…

I seem to be putting far too much effort into tarting photos up to drop them into my DeviantArt gallery. I’m telling myself that it’s time well spent because when I’ve got them all sorted for DA they’ll also be ready for me to convert kitsnaps into a professional photography site. Which I have no idea how to do, wrt ideal software to run for a gallery. But I’ll burn that bridge when I come to it. Meantime, I am dissatisfied with Lulu’s offerings for the creation of a calendar to sell. Any suggestions? (I suspect something like Lulu is the only way I could do it, because unless I got, like, pre-paid pre-orders for oh, a few hundred, I can’t imagine being able to afford to go to one of the places where you can custom create five hundred or something. Hm. snapfish may have potential, if it can be set up so other people can order something. I can’t tell if it can be, though.)

I have the most awesome readers in the world. More books in the Canadian wilds, pictures taken by Giselle and her intrepid daughter, who were only yelled at a *little* bit for taking photos of books in one of the stores…

This is not very much like getting more work done. Oh well, it’s the weekend, that’s ok.

miles to Minas Tirith: 276

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I done doed it.

After poking around on the net all day I came across, which appears to have pretty much all the formatting elements I want out of a calendar-creator, so I went ahead and made an Ireland 2010 calendar.

It’s 14 photographs, including the front and back covers, and I have been nervy and put the price for a standard-sized calendar at $25. On one hand, that seems like rather a lot, but on the other, their base price is about $21, so if I want to make any money at all, it has to be above that. Also, if you bought 5×7″ digital prints of each of those photos from me it’d run you $140+, so really it’s probably quite a bargain. :)

I’ve ordered one myself so I can examine the quality. If I think it’s hideous I’ll take it down, but I’m hoping it’ll turn out nicely. I’ll keep you posted. I know you’re dying to hear.

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