May 1st, 2009


stick this in your pipe and smoke it

I had a dream this morning that I joined a weight loss group here in Longford. It had line dancing and Simon Cowell.

Simon judged the group. There was some guy who who wasn’t fat, and Simon told him he didn’t need to lose weight but he thought he should put on a little more muscle, after poking the guy in the belly. :) And he was horrified by the line dancing. Both by the idea and the execution, which was dreadful. (It was line dancing of the sort you’d get if a weight loss group leader suddenly said, “Hey, I know! Let’s do some line dancing! Everybody in the first row go together!” Except by the time we got to the third row people were in themed costumes. o.o They still couldn’t dance, though.)

What a bizarre dream.

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I am exceeding, exceedingly pleased to participate in this year in Brenda Novak’s annual charity auction fundraiser for diabetes research. Last year she raised over a quarter of a million dollars, and is aiming for $300,000 this year.

I have two items in the auction: one is a Tuckerization–ie, your name in my book–in the fifth Walker Papers novel, DEMON HUNTS (yes, the one I’m working on right now), which is due out in June 2010. Bidding started at $2 and to my astonishment a few people have already bid, so I think at this red-hot moment the lowest possible bid is $14. The auction runs until the end of May, and you can find the details here.

The second is an Irish gift basket which will include mass market paperbacks of the first three Walker Papers, and my recent night shot of Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin. Bidding started at $2, is currently at $21, and the auction runs until the end of May. You can find the details here.

My agent, Jennifer Jackson, has a proposal critique in the auction, and all the items up for auction from her client list here. Bid early, bid often! :)

ytd wordcount: 160,100
miles to Minas Tirith: 220

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Free comic book day!

Tomorrow, the first Saturday of May, is Free Comic Book Day!

The Dabel Brothers bring you three original, never-before-seen tales for FCBD09, including the Dresden Files “Restoration of Faith”; “The Calm Before,” the prelude story to adaptation of the classic film, The Warriors; and “Previously, on Take A Chance,” which steps back in time to the day a gene-altering virus was released into the world. All this, plus a sneak preview of Del Rey’s forthcoming novel, Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Outcast by Aaron Allston, a bold new adventure for Luke, Han, and your favorite Star Wars characters!

*hops around*!

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