April 27th, 2009


I have BOOKS!

Oh my GOD. I thought these were going to arrive today. I don’t know *why* I thought so, but I did.

I have got in my hot little hands the mass market paperback releases of THE WALKER PAPERS.


I am excited beyond *belief* to have these books. They’re in the stores June 1, and they’re the first mass market releases under the C.E. Murphy name, so even if they’re reprints I’m BAHAHAHAHAHH!

…there are 48 copies of each. What in God’s name am I going to do with this many books?


In celebration, the cover of WALKING DEAD and the first chapter are Collapse )

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Arghglgg. 3600 words today, which I thought was enough, but it puts me at 149,900 words for the year! Argh! But Nook’s already shut down, so I guess I’ll just have to break 150K first thing tomorrow and carry on. I did pass the 2/3rds mark, which is nice. And broke 300 pages.

Swam a measly 500 meters this morning, which is not in my estimation worth getting wet for, but I’m trying not to re-injure my shoulder (which, miraculously, has improved *hugely* since I went back to typing at the fifteen hundred dollar ergonomically correct chair and keyboard, go figure), so I’ll probably keep doing that this week and step up to a whole 750 next week and then hopefully I’ll be done with the book and not typing as much, so will be less damage-prone. Or something.

Um. There was at least one other thing I meant to post, but I seem to have forgotten what it was. Perhaps I should go cook dinner instead of trying to remember.

miles to Minas Tirith: 211
ytd wordcount: 149,900 (KHAAAAAAAN!!!!!!)
ytd km swum: 38.7

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