April 23rd, 2009



I think I can write today, but man, my little brain is feeling pretty spongy right now. I have to convince myself to go do my Pilates. I’d been planning to swim today, but I’m more than half afraid that if I do I’ll lose the afternoon’s writing to unconsciousness, despite the word wars. I don’t know. We’ll see. God on a stick, though. I’m just…blblbaaaaggh. *stares around mindlessly*

Today is International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Wretch Day, and I’d had a very vague hope of writing something new for it, but the words “bahahahahahahaha” come to mind. I suspect the best I can do is point you at my writing page, particularly if you missed the series of short stories I wrote last fall. I’ll look on Nook, but mostly what’s there are opening scenes and chapters or sequences from books I intend to write, rather than any complete bits of fiction.

I am going to try very hard to stay away from sweets over the next 7 days. The truth is that I may very well not last through today, much less a week, because I’m giving writing pretty much everything in my soul right now, and I might just flat out not have anything left to lend to the deceptively simple concept of “just don’t eat any sweets”.

Okay. Exercise, and then food, and then work. She said encouragingly, and gently, to herself.

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Only (only) 3700 today. The book’s at around 65K, plus another 1400 I wrote the other day and haven’t worked in yet. Might hit 70K tomorrow. Probably will, actually, since I should be able to work this bit in tomorrow, and think I can manage an additional 3K. Have managed as many words so far this week as I wrote last week in total (a little over 19K), which once upon a time I would’ve considered a reasonably successful week and which I am now agog over. I like that word, agog. Anyway, expect to close out the week at around 22K written with, hopefully, just 10-12 chapters left to go.

Intend to spend the weekend hiding under the bed. Might see if Ted wants to go see Fast & Furious in an hour…

ytd wordcount: 142,300

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