April 22nd, 2009


quick note

I was going to say “quick note, not wordcount-related”, but that’s not true, as I’ve now blown past the halfway mark in the book, so yay me. The 2/3rds mark feels Very Far Away right now, which is sort of depressing. (It’s not *that* far away, about 13.5K, but that feels like a lot just now.) But on the positive side, I’m vacillating between “oh god, I don’t have enough book left for this story” and “oh god, I don’t have enough story left for this book”, which may not *sound* positive, but it’s always a good sign.

Oh. Someone asked for a reminder (because for some reason other people have a harder time keeping track of which of 23543650987 zillion books I’m working on), so: the book I am currently working on is DEMON HUNTS, book five of the Walker Papers. (Book four, WALKING DEAD, will be out in September.)

What I was actually going to say when I started posting this was Take A Chance #4 is in the stores today. Teaser pages Collapse )

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